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NEW YORK Auto Show 2014: Nissan

   Nissan Just Revolutionized The Rearview Mirror

Americans have gotten used torearview cameras, which makedriving in reverse easierand safer and will berequired on all new carsby may 2018.

Now, Nissan is taking thenext step forward, addingthe benefits of a camerato the rearview mirror.

Nissan Smart Rearview Mirror New York Auto Show 2014

    Nissan's "smart rearview mirror" in LCD camera mode (Alex Davies/Business insider)

The"smart rearview mirror"   looks like a standard mirror, but when the driver flips a switch, a much clearer view of what's behind the car is shown, piped in from a camera in the rear windshield.

No more struggling to see past tall passengers, headrests, and piles of suitcases. Fantastic.

The mirror itself meets federal regulations and is available if the camera ever fails, or if the customer prefers to go old school. But we're guessing that once drivers get used to the LCD screen mode, they'll stick with it.

U.S. customers will get their first in-person look at Nissan's mirror at the New York auto show (open to the public April 18-27).

We made a GIF to show you how it switches modes, using a flip

on the back of the mirror. Nissan filled the trunk of the Rogue with

 balloons to show off the benefits of the camera:



Business Insider/Alex Davies

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