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Model: TM-4328LB


4.3" Left-side LCD Panel

Full Mirror Appearance

Standard 2-way Video Input

  • Model Name:4.3" OEM-Style Rearview Mirror (TM-4328LB)


    Special features: 

    4.3" Left-side LCD Panel

    Replacement fitting fully keeps originality of your car 
    Unique metal arm with tight fitting and changeable for most popular cars
    Full Mirror appearance, high reflection rate and visibility 

    Other Features:
    350CD/m2 high brightness digital LCD panel embedded 
    Dual video inputs for rear view camera and DVD 
    Auto signal-triggering & low power consumption 


    Screen type: TFT LCD 
    Screen size: 4.3-inch color 
    Resolution: 480 x RGB x 272 
    Aspect ratio: 16: 9 (4: 3 mode switchable) 
    Power voltage: 12V 
    Power consumption: 2W (maximum) 
    Working environment: - 20 ~ + 65 °C 
    OSD menu: English 
    Bluetooth: Optional 
    Audio input: Optional 

    Remarks:Both right-side LCD screen version and left-side LCD screen version avaliable.




     Spare Parts:




                       wires                              standard NO.1 bracket                        user manual

    Model Illustration:


     Power ON/OFF

      ② Adjustment -
      ③ OSD Menu

     Adjustment +


     V1/V2 Switch












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