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Model: TM-500


Low power consumption
High resolution with vivid clear image
5" Rotatable screen for friendly using
Stand holder with adhesive sticker at the bottom for sticking in the car

  • Model Name: 5" Standalone Car Monitor



    High brightness/resolution digital 5" wide-screen LCD panel applied.

    Super slim design, easy to mount on top of dashboard or window glass.

    Dual video input, standard RCA connectors. Shielding cables used to avoid signal interference when both channels are connected to cameras or video.

    Low EMI level, no interference against in-car TV antenna.

    When reverse gear is engaged, the system automatically starts on to display camera image on screen, and when parking is completed, it switches off automatically.



    Screen type: TEF LCD

    Screen size: 5" color

    Resolution: 480*RGB*272

    Brightness: 400cd/m2

    Display format: 16:9

    Video input: 2-channel

    Voltage: 12V

    Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
    Color: Black

    Model Illustration:


           Adjustment +
           OSD Menu(Brightness/Color density/Contrast), Reset
         ③  Adjustment -

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