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Model: TM-4328LA


4.3" Left-side LCD Screen

Full Mirror Appearance

Standard 2-way Video Input

  • Model Name: 4.3" Super Slim Universal Clip-on Rearview Mirror (TM-4328LA)

    Special Features: 

    4.3" Left-side LCD Screen

    New slimmer clip-on mirror monitor with better fitting over original mirror

    Super light weight, giving little pressure onto factory mirror

    Full mirror appearance, high reflection rate and visibility

    Bluetooth Features: 

    Unique noise-filtering technology applied

    Supports clear and safe in-car phone talk even at 100kph

    Compatible with over 90% mobile phones and all popular smart phones such as iPhone 4/4S/5, Samsung Galaxy, HTC desire

    Other Features: 

    350CD/m2 high brightness digital LCD panel embedded

    Dual video inputs for rearview camera and DVD

    Auto signal-triggering and low power consumption


    Screen type: TFT LCD

    Screen size: 4.3-inch color

    Resolution: 480 X 272 pixels

    Aspect ratio: 16: 9

    Power voltage: 12V

    Power consumption: 2W (maximum)

    Working environment: -20 to 65° C

    OSD menu: English

    Bluetooth: Optional

    Audio input: Optional

    Remarks: Both right-side LCD screen version and left-side LCD screen version are avaliable.


    Installation Method:


                      Pull downwards                                           Clip over factory mirror




     Spare Parts:



                       wires                                     user manual



     Model Illustration:




     Power ON/OFF

      ② Adjustment -
      ③ OSD Menu

     Adjustment +


     V1/V2 Switch










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