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● What are the advantages of PJ-AUTO's mirror monitor products?


The main advantages of mirror monitor products are as below:


1.OEM Mirror appearance + performance

Original mirror appearance when monitor is turned off. The mirror glass is specially designed with a good reflection rate even on the LCD side, so it can function like an original room mirror. Also the mirror comes with good transmittance rate on the screen side so that the image can be bright enough for driver's eyesight.


2.Good image quality backed up super bright LCD panel

Adopting brand-new digital LCD panel with high resolution & super high brightness (1000cd/ brightness for new OEM mirror monitors, and 350cd/ for basic mirror monitors), to assure a clearly visible image even in big sunny day. With inbuilt light sensor, the LCD will dim automatically to avoid dazzling the driver at night or in dark areas.


3.Professional & reliable bracket solution

We provide a variety of OEM rear view mirror brackets, with reliable mounting for main popular car models. All brackets come through specialized twisting test, vibration test and high-low temperature test. And all the strict tests assure reliable mounting and the bracket will never fall apart from the ball-joint. The reliability has already been approved by customers.


4.Quality assurance and warranty

All products will be tested under strict quality control rule. Our QC staff will test each and every unit, including each spare part and accessory. 4-hour minimum aging test and matching test for the main unit & its accessories are adopted before outgoing. Since we use only brand new LCD panel and brand new components, and we adopt standardized production, our product will come with exactly same appearance and quality. ( The defective rate is below 5 according to our 2-year records)

Our R&D capability enables us to make special modifications according to customer's requirements. For example, we can design new brackets for special car models, we can non-English OSD menu instead of original English language.


● Now most suppliers claim that their cameras come with 170-degree view angle, so what's the advantages of PJ-AUTO's wide view cameras?

Most so-called 170-degree car cameras come with a horizontal view angle below 120-degree, and many even below 100-degree. With PJ-AUTO's camera angle testing graphics, you will easily find the difference. Besides, PJ-AUTO's wide view cameras excel not only because of their incredible, but more importantly because of the digital image correction processing technology.


● Since more and more cameras show up in the market with mirror /reversed image switching feature, what's the point for PJ-AUTO to design a special front view camera?


All PJ-AUTO's rear view cameras support mirror/reversed image switching option, but still we feel responsible for designing a rear front view camera for our customers and all users due to the imperfections of most rear view cameras with front view options. Firstly, a rear view camera is usually positioned in the back under good protection of the rear truck to reduce chances of water leakage or changes. Secondly, the working temperature condition for a rear view camera is far better than a front view camera which is often wired near the engine. Thirdly, a front view camera is usually kept ON as long as the car is driving while the rear view camera is switched on only under backup conditions. Lastly, a rear view camera does not have to come with a super wide view angle because the blind zones can be covered by side view mirrors while a real front view camera must come with wide view angle to cover the blind spots on both sides beside the front. In view that very few factories take the real working conditions of a front view camera into consideration, a real front view camera becomes necessary.


● What’s the quality control process in PJ-AUTO?


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